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Due to legal restrictions, this promotion is only open to the following countries: The united states, The netherlands, Germany, France (excluding islands such as Corsica), United kingdom, (excluding northern ireland), Belgium and Canada (excluding Quebec). Full terms and official rules of the Gisou scratch card campaign can be found here.

To celebrate World Bee Day and the start of beekeeping season, we included a Gisou Scratch Card with every order placed between May 20-29, 2019. Each Gisou Scratch Card held the chance to win one of 30 exclusive Gisou prizes.

Please find the names of all prize winners below:

  • Kiara Aelderman
  • Sophia Arzola
  • Finne Chui
  • Lola Dadoun
  • Neda Dion
  • Karla Fraga
  • Mackenzie Fraughton
  • Ines Goulaf
  • Vivia Gregoire
  • Anne-Sophie Heggerick
  • Elodie Monnier
  • Parwana Moslemi
  • Marianna Mykhats
  • Danielle Nobes
  • Natalie Sakaan
  • Angee Sanchez Garcia
  • Anais Savenier
  • Madison Texada
  • Toni Van den Torren
  • Morgane Toutenel
  • Solène Vautier
  • Phoebe Vos